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California Proposition 30: Will Higher Taxes

Solve Our State's Fiscal Problems?

Proposition 30 is a package of tax increases expected to increase the state government’s revenue by about $6 billion annually. Sales taxes would be increased slightly for 4 years, and income taxes increased significantly for 7 years.


Will the massive tax increases solve the State of California’s fiscal problems,
or is it the financial equivalent of more drugs for the addicted?


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Mitt Romney DOES Have A Plan,

And It Means Significant Economic Growth


Mr. Obama and his allies continue to claim that Mitt Romney does not have an economic plan. If they repeat the line often enough, they hope most people will believe it.


The truth is that Mr. Romney DOES have a plan. The Tax Foundation, a non-partisan tax research group, studied his plan and did some extensive economic modeling on it.  It turns out, his plan will grow our economy by 7.4 percent.


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